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Create a custom exception page that repopulates URL for category review at the WebPulse Site Review website which avoids hexadecimal encoded characters


Article ID: 175813


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Advanced Secure Gateway Software - ASG ProxySG Software - SGOS


You can check the option to include the site review link ( in every exception. If you do not want to include it in every exception, you can add it manually to specific custom exceptions.


In 6.7.x there is a hexadecimal encoded escape characters under exception page Article ID: 175198


If users encounter a site that is categorized incorrectly, they can go to to request that it be reviewed.

To use this substitution for all default exception pages, you need to tick "Enable Category Review Message in Exceptions" in Configuration > Content Filtering > General.

To resolve this issue in your custom exception pages, change the URL reference from $(url) to $(exception.category_review_url) which gets populated with the necessary SiteReview URL and this substitution is *not* encoded.

  1. Build a user defined exception and include $(exception.category_review_url). This variable will automatically populate the URL as
  2. Insert your code right before the closing parenthesis under the exception.user-defined.all.
  3. Create a policy where the categories to block is the Destination and Return Exception is the Action.
  4. Point the exception to your user-defined exception.