How to enable and show searched images after blocking the google search engine
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How to enable and show searched images after blocking the google search engine


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You have blocked google search engine, but you want to enable the google image search and show searched images.

Adding "" to an allowed list in the VPM is not working. The main search page will come up but then the search results come up under "" with a long, non-sensical URL string. 

For example, searching for "bob" we get the URL

"" and this is then blocked.


There are 2 prerequisite requirements for your environment:

Because defaults to HTTPS. As a result, for the solution to work, you need to meet the prerequisite:

  1. SSL Intercept is enabled to intercept traffic
  2. Explicit Deployment: Detect Protocol is enabled to hand off the traffic to SSL Proxy -> This part, you need to Configuration->Services->Proxy Services->under Proxy Services -> expand the Standard tab -> find Explicit HTTP -> click Edit Service -> on the pop-up window, enable the "Detect Protocol"



After you met the 2 prerequisite conditions:

  1. You can bypass two strings.  "tbm=isch" is the string in google image search URL, and "source=images" is the string in URL that redirects to the image source website 
  2. You can define a Condition rule in CPL code which only enables the substring "tbm=isch" or "source=images" that belongs to URL. Therefore, it won't impact your other domains which will potentially contain these strings within their URL. 

CPL Code:

url.domain="" ssl.forward_proxy(https)

condition=GoogleImage allow allow deny

<proxy> http.method=CONNECT allow
define condition GoogleImage
end condition GoogleImage