Upgrade Symantec Endpoint Security clients from the console
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Upgrade Symantec Endpoint Security clients from the console


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Can Symantec Endpoint Security add upgrade packages using the Install Packages column of the Clients tab as in Symantec Endpoint Protection (SEP) 14 manager?


With Symantec Endpoint Security, there is no install package option to manually update a group to a specific version. The only option for auto-upgrade is in the System Policy in the console. This will enable to the client auto upgrade to the newer version based on the settings that you have chosen. 

Go to Policies > Default System Policy

Scroll down to Client Upgrade Settings. There will be a switch to turn this feature On or Off. The client will upgrade based on the settings set by you in the console. Click on Show Advanced to change settings of the auto-upgrade feature.

Note: SES being a cloud-based manager, does not have the ability to remotely push a package to a specific computer to upgrade the client. If you want to remote push a package, you would need to use a third-party deployment application to push the install packages. Please refer to creating and exporting install packages for SES.