Evaluating NSE data using SQL when a deeper analysis is needed
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Evaluating NSE data using SQL when a deeper analysis is needed


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Client Management Suite IT Management Suite


The EvtQueue is backing up

There are times when we seem to be getting too much data from an agent

There is a desire to better understand what is coming in from agents to see if there are possible improvements that could be made




Use the process below to capture NSE's and import them in a way that they can then be easily reported on.  NSE Files are copied to the SQL server during this process.  The user running this task does need SA rights on the SQL Database.

  • Import the attached file somewhere under the Reports menu section
  • Capture NSE's on the Notification Server using KB 171803
  • Copy the files collected to the SQL server we will be using to import the data to
  • Open the console and go to the job imported in the first step
  • Locate the task labeled "_Import Data MUST CHANGE THE PATH" 
    • look for EXECUTE xp_cmdshell 'DIR /b /s /n c:\NSEs\*.nse'
    • change the path c:\NSEs to wherever the files are located on the SQL server
    • save changes
  • Select the job name "NSE Data job" and do a new schedule to run now
    • If there are permission errors, we need to get SA rights for the user running this task
  • After the job is finished expand the "NSE Diag Report" folder and run the reports to see the data



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