Manually adding users and groups to CloudSOC
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Manually adding users and groups to CloudSOC


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Manually adding new users to the CloudSOC tenant.


  1. Login to the tenant with a System Admin user.
  2. click Users > Users or Users > Groups as applicable.

    CloudSOC opens the Users & Groups page to either the Users or Groups tab.
  3. Near the upper right corner of the page, choose New > User or New > Group.

  4. On the Add New User or Add New Group panel, fill out the requested information.

    ​For a new group, you must enter at least the Group Name.

    For a new end user, you must fill out at least First Name, Last Name, and Email Address

    For a new user with administrator privileges, you must also choose User Status of Admin and An Access Profile
  5. At the top of the Add New User or Create Group panel, click either Create (for a new group) or Save (for a new user).

Additional things to be aware of:

  • You can mark or clear the checkbox that designates a user as an active CloudSOC user.
  • For a system administrator, you do not select an access profile. Sysadmins already have all possible privileges, so access profiles are not necessary. See the CloudSOC Tech Note Using CloudSOC Access Profiles for more information.
  • For Admins and Sysadmins, you can also mark or clear the checkbox for Security Contact. CloudSOC uses this information to contact someone at your company in the event of a security issue. We strongly encourage you to designate one or more security contacts for your company.
  • For End Users, you can mark or clear the Data Protection Officer checkbox that identifies with that status. For more information, see the Tech Note Managing CloudSOC User Privacy Features.