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Copy file package doesn't get updated on package server until update config occurs on the Package Server


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Deployment Solution


When a customer creates a copy file task, it creates a package on the package server so the package can be copied to the destination systems. Unfortunately, the package isn't created until an update configuration occurs which causes extreme delays

Massive delay in copying of files/folders


DS 8.x


Package isn't being updated immediately after a create task is executed.


Import the XML file attached to this email. When imported into your SMP, it creates an Automation Rule that runs (by default) every 5 minutes.  The rule, when executed by the NS—queries the database for any Copy File tasks that have been created within the last 10 minutes.  


  1. Copy the attached file to a folder of your choice
  1. In the SMP Console go to “Manage > Automation Policies
  1. In the menu above the policy list select “Import” and point the UI dialogue to where you downloaded the file.
  1. Once imported verify that the policy is turned on.
  1. Test to see if it works by creating a new Copy File task and deploying it to one or more clients.  



Check for Copy File Tasks Created Last N minutes.xml get_app