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Requirements for Upgrading or making changes to vCenter, NSX or Symantec Data Center Security (DCS) when they are integrated


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Data Center Security Server


Symantec DCS is integrated with vCenter/NSX and either the NSX Manager, vCenter, Symantec DCS or all of them need to be upgraded or reinstalled.



Symantec DCS

VMWare NSX Manager

VMWare vCenter


When upgrading or reinstalling multiple changes are made and integration may cause problems.

Also, when upgrading or reinstalling some of these changes will impact the functionality of the integration.


It is required to Unregister the vCenter/NSX connection in UMC's Integration page before upgrading/changing Symantec DCS, vCenter or NSX.

To unregister there are a couple things that must be done first.

Remove Symantec Threat Protection Service from Security Policies

  1. In vCenter go to Networking & Security.
  2. On the left select Service Composer.
  3. On the right, go to the Security Policies tab.
  4. Edit each security policy that has the Symantec Threat Protection Service selected for Guest Introspection Services or Network Introspection Services and remove it.

Undeploy the Symantec Threat Protection Service

  1. In vCenter go to Networking & Security.
  2. On the left click Installation and go to the Service Deployments tab.
  3. Select the Symantec Thread Protection Service and click the Red X to remove.
  4. Select Delete Now and click OK.

Unregister vCenter/NSX from Symantec DCS

  1. Log into UMC and go to Settings > Integration.
  2. To the right side for the vCenter/NSX Connection click the X icon.
  3. In the dialog click Unregister.

When these steps are all finished you can make the needed changes.