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MAA RAID information and reason for system status RED when one drive fails


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Malware Analysis Software - MA


The customer wanted to know what RAID configuration is used for MAA device and wanted to know why failing of one drive puts MAA in RED and MAA could not process any data.




The RAID configuration in MAA is RAID10 (Stripe + Mirror) with 3 pair of HDD (Harddrive).

As one drive is used as mirror the one in pair, MAA has to operating in degraded state even with one drive failure.

However, due to the design of MAA health logic, it puts the system status as RED and not process any further data.

This has been reported as defect with NPPSUPNP-453.

* The issue will not be resolved as MAA is EOL (End Of Life) and in transition to CAS/MA

EOL information can be found from this article : INFO5432