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Subscriptions become unavailable or AV pattern update failures occurring


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Content Analysis Software - CA


Our Content Analysis (CA) are experience following symptoms.

- AV pattern updates fail
- Subscription licenses become unavailable. 


The following lines are logged in Utilities > System Logs > cas

ERROR    : LicenseManager: Could not initialize entitlement notifier: JsonRpcClient::invokeService: FAILED, Command: SubscriptionService.downloadNow, after retrying 6 times. Exception: IPC:receive: Receive FAILED
ERROR    : LicenseManager: Could not initialize license notifiers: JsonRpcClient::invokeService: FAILED, Command: ClpLicenseManager.getLicenseComponentNames, after retrying 6 times. Exception: IPC:receive: Receive FAILED


CAOS previous to


[NPPCAS-65891] Encrypted-data partition filled by access log

Alternatively, if you are blocking communication to the telemetry service, outlined in the administration guide, this will cause reports to accumulate on the device, consuming the space.


It is highly recommended to upgrade to, where issues with the partition utilization are addressed under NPPCAS-65891, due to the fact that other workarounds may only delay for a limited amount of time before you will have to factory default the system in order to recover. Upgrading will address the issues to prevent these issues causing the need to default the system.

As of June 3rd, 2019, is available, and addresses these possible issues.