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The SEDR appliance removes the Private Insight policies from all SEPM groups


Article ID: 175712


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Endpoint Detection and Response


When ECC 2.0 enrollment is switched from the default My Computer policy to Group Inclusion, the Symantec Endpoint Detection and Response appliance software will remove all Private Cloud policies from groups not included in the list selected for Group Inclusion.


When the above change is made, the software assumes that no other SEPM groups are to be managed by the appliance or use any other custom settings.


The SEDR 4.2 soiftware has been changed so Group Inclusion enrollment does not make changes to any other groups, unless they were previously selected (My Company by default). If the previous selection was 'Apply private cloud policies to all non-default SEPM groups' under SEP Policies, the software will remove the Private Cloud settings from all groups not chosen for Group Inclusion when it is enabled and groups added to the list.