Configuring Business Readiness Rules (BRR) in Audit
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Configuring Business Readiness Rules (BRR) in Audit


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How to configure BRR in audit.


  1. Login to CloudSOC
  2. In CloudSOC, choose Audit > Preferences
  3. Near the upper right corner of the Preferences page, click + New BRR Profile.
  4. In the Profile Details area of the the Create Profile page, give the profile a name and description, and choose the types of apps that Audit applies it to, as shown below.

  5. Use the BRR Handicap value to amplify or diminish the BRRs for all services that match the profile categories, as shown below. You might use this feature if you want
    to limit BRRs for services such as Social Networking so that they never have BRRs greater than 50. Move the slider to your desired handicap factor from -100% (always
    zero) to +100 (doubled) as shown below.

  6. Adjust the Importance ratings for the various sub categories as described in Customizing global service ratings.
  7. When you have finished configuring the Importance ratings, click Save near the upper right corner of the page.