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Information Centric Tagging is blocking the copy of data into an email


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Information Centric Tagging


Symantec Data Loss  Prevention 15.1, 5.5 MP1, and 15.5 MP2 (DLP)
Information Centric Tagging 15.1, 15.5 MP1, and 15.5 MP2 (ICT)
Microsoft Excel 2016

Using the "Send an Email" button in Excel is blocked by ICT.
Whether using the default option to send an email or using a macro in the spreadsheet to call that option, it is blocked by ICT.
The spreadsheet contains names and e-mail address.
If that same data is copied into an e-mail body, that e-mail is not blocked.


"copy/paste policy - copying information has been blocked by Information Centric Tagging" 


Under review.