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DHCP and IP Services Disabled After Imaging


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Ghost Solution Suite


Customer is using 3.3 RU2 or RU3 to capture and deploy Windows 10 images. Capture runs successfully and deployment images successfully but hangs (configuration jobs never running), as DHCP Client and TCP/IP NetBios Helper services are disabled, preventing the client from connecting to the Network. 



Windows 10 client joined to the domain. 




If the intent of your imageing is to make an image that will be deployed (not a backup) then use Microsoft sysprep to generalize the source system and this issue won't be seen.   Alternatively  if you remove your source system from the domain before creating your image this situation can also be avoided.   

Ghost solution suite should be able to make a back up image and then be able to restore that back up image with out issue to the system it was created on but some thing is causing these servises to be modified.  This will be addressed in a future release so that back up images don't have this issue.