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A single Tasks Server drops client connections which cannot reconnect


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Task Server


A singleTask Server allows computers to connect to it, but after an hour or less the clients (including the Task Server its self) disconnect and are not able to reconnect. 

Restaring the "Altiris Object Host Service" seems to temporarily resolve the issue. 

The client logs showed the following series (excerpt) similar to the following:

Source: Client Task Agent
  Could not register using "http://COMPUTERNAME:80/Altiris/ClientTaskServer/Register.aspx"


Source: Client Task Agent
  An attempt to register on Task Server [SERVERNAME] over [http] completed with status [FAILED (may retry)].


Source: Client Task Agent
  Task Server operation failed: Web application could not reach Task Server
Error code: 0x00000002,
Error description: The handler 'Register' is failed to process request. Could not contact Task Server's service.,
Retry: Yes,
Registration is lost: Yes




Symantec Management Plateform 8.5 RU2


Something was wrong with the virtual NIC, or the NIC in the hosting machine being used as the root NIC configuration.


Replace the problematic Task Server. 

It is probable that deleting the virtual NIC in that VM and creating it again, would have helped the situation. 

Wireshark showed a lot of dropped packets coming out of the NIC during the diagnostic phase of troubleshooting.