Unable to delete computers that are partially present in the database
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Unable to delete computers that are partially present in the database


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IT Management Suite


The customer noticed that she had computer records that are from machines that no longer exists in their network. However, she can't delete them because those are not appearing in the SMP Console.

When searching the database, these machines only exists in few of our tables. Tables like:


The customer wants to make sure that these machines can be deleted properly.


ITMS 8.5


These machine resources were previously created during an Resource import that didn't have everything needed to have the proper reference in the database.


There are some tables references that are needed to be properly flagged while trying to delete a computer resource. There are usually different ways to address a computer deletion but since we don't have some of the basic references needed to properly delete them, the following steps should help you to add those references:

  1. Write down the name of the machines that you want to delete but don't appear in the Console
  2. Run the following query (it should add those GUID machines back to primary tables that will allow us to delete it properly):

    declare @t as table (guid uniqueidentifier)
    insert into @t
    select c.Guid
    from vRM_Computer_Item c
    left join ItemClass ic on ic.Guid = c.Guid
    where ic.Guid is null

    insert into ItemClass
    select t.guid, c.ClassGuid from @t t
    join vRM_Computer_Item c on c.Guid = t.guid
    left join ItemClass ic on t.guid = ic.Guid
    where ic.Guid is null

    insert into ItemNSSource
    select t.guid, 1
    from @t t
    left join ItemNSSource ns on ns.ItemGuid = t.guid
    where ns.ItemGuid is null

    insert into ItemResourceType
    select t.guid, c.ResourceTypeGuid
    from @t t
    join vRM_Computer_Item c on c.Guid = t.Guid
    left join ItemResourceType irt on irt.Guid = t.guid
    where irt.Guid is null

    insert into ScopeMembership
    select  case
    when c.ResourceTypeGuid = '493435F7-3B17-4C4C-B07F-C23E7AB7781F' then '91c68fcb-1822-e793-b59c-2684e99a64cd' --Computer Resource Type
    when c.ResourceTypeGuid = '2C3CB3BB-FEE9-48DF-804F-90856198B600' then '8de86a8a-f026-be3e-b9b8-0f07d7d5080b' --Virtual Machine Resource Type
    end, t.Guid, GETDATE ()
    from @t t
    join vrm_computer_Item c on c.Guid = t.guid
    left join ScopeMembership sm on sm.ResourceGuid = t.guid
    where sm.ResourceGuid is null

  3. Go to the Console and find the machine now listed under Computers. Select the machine and do right-click > Delete.