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Microsoft Office documents detected as Executable File types in Messaging Gateway 10.7


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Messaging Gateway


Some Microsoft Office document components are detected as Executable files in Messaging Gateway 10.7. Message Audit Logs will typicallly show one of the following components in the Suspect Attachments section :

  • olepres000
  • dir



This issue has been addressed with the SMG 10.7.5 release.

To exempt Microsoft document internals from being detected as executable files

  1. Go to Protocols > Settings > Content Scanning
  2. Check "Only extract OLE Native content from structured storage"
  3. Click "Save:

Workaround for 10.7.4 and earlier:

The attachment is being blocked by the executable file list. Removing the following 4 file types from that lst may resolve the issue

  •     Unix Executable (PDP-11/pre-System V VAX)
  •     True file type is Unix Executable (x86)
  •     True file type is Unix Executable (3B20)
  •     MSDOS Device Driver