Slow memory leak in the 10.7.1 conduit process
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Slow memory leak in the 10.7.1 conduit process


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Messaging Gateway


After upgrading to Messaging Gateway (SMG) 10.7.1 you see the conduit process slowing using more memory or you may receive an alert message that Messaging Gateway has exceeded the recommended swap utilization.

The following error may appear in the conduit logs:

(ERROR:6390.873441408): [12026] bltpr_spawnv() call returned: errno 12 while trying to run /opt/Symantec/Brightmail/scanner/bin/kicker -s bmserver /data/scanner/etc/bmiconfig.xml /data/scanner/jobs/bmserver/


This is a known issue with one of the underlying system libraries used by the SMG conduit process.


This issue has been addressed in the 10.7.3-5 release.

For customer that are unable to upgrade to 10.7.3-5 at this time:

The workaround is to restart the conduit process weekly or as often as needed to keep memory usage to a reasonable level.

  • This can be done either from the command line via the command:
    • service connector restart
  • Or from the Control Center:
    • Administration > Configuration > hostname > Services page by selecting the 'Conduit' service and clicking Stop followed by Start.