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Unable to connect to Blue Coat while editing or creating Application Name object in VPM


Article ID: 175545


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Advanced Secure Gateway Software - ASG Secure Web Gateway Virtual Appliance ProxySG Software - SGOS


On ProxySG/ ASG/ SGVA after upgrade when editing an exiting or creating a new Application Name object following error has been observed

ProxySG is unable to connect to Blue Coat
Please Ensure that you have:
-Installed a valid Bluecoat License and downloaded the database
-Enabled Application classification

A screen shot of that error from Java VPM has shown below (Web based VPM will show an empty application name list when editing or creating an application name object)

After checking BCIS license (Blue Coat Intelligent Services) and Application classification database it shows they are valid and present on the device


This problem has been identified as bug SG-12947 .SGOS is looking for an extended application name list which is available with CASB license. This error will be observed on a  device which has valid BCIS license and application classification database but not a CASB license.


SGOS or higher version have fix for this. Following SGOS versions are affected