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Attempted to access an inconsistent Linux partition error


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Deployment Solution Ghost Solution Suite


When trying to capture a Linux machine and get a ghost failure of Attempted to access an inconsistent Linux partition error.


Ghost Solution Suite 3.x
Deployment Solution 7.x 8.x 
Linux production OS's 


This is caused by having an unclean drive, meaning either the machine isn't shut down properly or something is causing it to be in an unclean state. Ghost checks for inconsistent drives before capturing so you don't capture a bad image.


Couple solutions:

1. Boot to production and reboot back to automation in hopes it will clear the Filesystem state. You can check the state by running:

debugfs /dev/sda (You can test all drives by changing drive, sdb, sdc for example)

2. You can fix the drive by running this cmd on an unmounted drive in automation:

fsck /dev/sda1 

Run debugfs /dev/sda again to make sure  Filesystem State is set to Clean