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How to lock the mouse and keyboard while in automation, alternatively why doesn't the mouse and keyboard work in automation


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Ghost Solution Suite


When working in the client automation environment (winpe) the mouse and keyboard can be locked out so that an end user can't make changes or interupt the ghost processes.   This is some times needed when the client computer is in a public lcoation where an end user might have access to it while ghost taks are being performed.   


Ghost Solution Suite 3.x 

Deployment Solutoin Suite 8.x


In the boot wizard there is an option to "Lock keyboard" although it is not stated this is to lock all inputs like mouse, trackpad, and keyboards. 

This feature can be set while building an automation environment or an existing environment can be modified.   The setting to disable the keyboard and mouse can be checked or unchecked as needed. 

  1. Launch the boot disk creator and either create a new Configureation or select and then edit one of the existing configureatons. 
  2. As you proceed through the options stop at the screen with the optional components. It will be step 7 of 8 depending on what options you have selected. 
  3. Navigate to the bottom of the list and select or unselect the "lock Keyboard" option depending if the need to secure the keyboard and mouse is needed or not needed.