Getting back end Licensing and Subscription servers to sync up manually
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Getting back end Licensing and Subscription servers to sync up manually


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ProxySG Software - SGOS


In some situations when a customer purchases or renews a subscription service, e.g. BCIS, CPOS or AntiVirus, it does not reflect correctly on the appliance itself.

This is normally resolved by getting back end licensing team to re-synchronize the licensing and subscription servers.



The common errors for this issue are, once license is renewed, activated and linked to the appliance serial number, it still shows as below;

BCIS/CPOS - No valid Entitlements

CAS AV - Showing Unavailable


This resolution is to give the ability to the customer or support to initiate the sync process on their own.

It works only if the correct subscription assets are already showing on MySymantec and also the SFDC portal.

If the assets are not linked to the appliance serial number this will need to be performed first by contacting the customer care team and linking the active asset to the serial number.

E.g.. Linking BCIS serial number to a ProxySG serial number.


Note: Linking assets can also be done by the customer themselves through MySymantec portal.


If MySymantec and SFDC portal shows the correct active subscriptions attached to the serial number, this would most likely means there are some back end sync issues between licensing and subscription servers.

This is a very likely situation during a subscription renewal. It was working previously and suddenly failed after renewal.

For new deployments or new licenses, we will need to ensure and troubleshoot connections issues as below;


Back end licensing team has made some changes to allow the customer or support to trigger the sync-up process.

1. Ensure on MySymantec and SFDC, the subscription assets(BCIS, AV, CPOS) are with the correct expiry date and attached to serial number of the appliance.

2. Download the license file from MySymantec, if the subscription details are reflecting correctly.

3. When a license is downloaded there is up to a 30-minute wait as component data including expiry dates is sent to the servers that the appliances connect to. This happens twice hourly at 00 and 30 minutes past each hour - hence the maximum 30 minute wait. After this point when an appliance connects all the data will be visible to that appliance when it connects for each feed.

4. Optional, if the sync did not happen after step 3, manually retrieve the license on the appliance and wait another 30 minutes.