Unable to load console on port 9000
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Unable to load console on port 9000


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Web Isolation


Unable to load GUI on port 9000

Page cannot be displayed or other similar browser message


Management Service is not running


At the command line, please run the following command:
[email protected]:~$ docker ps -f "name=admin"
CONTAINER ID        IMAGE                              COMMAND                  CREATED             STATUS              PORTS                                                                                  NAMES
b220b11e93c3        fireglass/management:1.12.16-289   "/src/startAdminEnvi…"   2 weeks ago         Up 2 weeks>9000/tcp, 9080/tcp,>9909/tcp,>9009/tcp   fireglassadmin_828GX

If the service is running, please check network connectivity and if https is allowed on non standard port 9000.
If the service is not running, please run the following command:
[email protected]:~$ fgcli setup
Enter the same information that already exists, eth0, IP, subnet, gateway, DNS, and enable management at the end.
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