Block Google Search's Embedded Translator
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Block Google Search's Embedded Translator


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Advanced Secure Gateway Software - ASG


Translator tools can act as a full proxy bypass, so it is best to ensure you have Translator sites in general locked down.

How can we setup the rules to block/disable the Embedded Google Translator after searched “Google Translate” in Google?



You may find that even if you have added Google Translator URLs to a custom blocked category, if you search for Google Translate within Google search, the embedded translate tool still appears and works.

Whilst there is no way to remove the embedded app, you can define rules to stop it from working.


Define below rules in ProxySG:

<Proxy>"google" url.path.substring="async/translate" Deny


Here you can see how add this CPL in local policy : TECH241564

Now when the app attempts to do a translation, it will come back with an error message.