Error: "blocked by anti-spam - Requested action aborted [9] xxxxx, please visit"
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Error: "blocked by anti-spam - Requested action aborted [9] xxxxx, please visit"


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Emails are blocked by Anti-Spam. Track and Trace shows error message “blocked by anti-spam - Requested action aborted [9] xxxxx, please visit“. 

If the error occurs, our server responds with a 450 error to the sending client and quits the SMTP session. If SMTP client receives an error in the 400s, it is defined to perform resending process, so it will automatically resend the same mail after a certain period of time.

Although the email in which an error occurs is logged as spam, it is a logging issue Regardless of the customer's anti-spam processing settings, processing of the errored mail will be "blocked".

Emails that have errors are displayed as "blocked by anti-spam-Requested action aborted [9] xxxxx, please visit ..." in [SMTP log summary] of Email Track and Trace.

How to check the error message

  1. Open Tools> Email Track and Trace in ClientNet
  2. Search under the following conditions (example to search the range of 1 day)
    Recipient: * @ *. * + Time zone: GMT + 09 + Date range: 2019/06/01 12:00 pm-2019/06/02 12:00 pm + Service: Spam
  3. Click [Download Results (CSV)] to download the file
  4. Open the file in Excel and filter by the following fields
    [Service] = Anti-Spam
    [Service Action] = Blocked

Note: Email Track and Trace will time out without completing the search if the number of search result records is large. In that case, please delimit the date range and search under the condition that the number of result records decreases.


This issue has been fixed. Please contact Customer Support if you still see the issue.