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Review or unblock website when report shows policy_denied as the verdict


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Cloud Secure Web Gateway - Cloud SWG


Reports in the Web Security Service (WSS) show that the verdicts are either policy_denied or content_filter_denied.

Can I unblock (allow) a website with these verdicts?




  1. To find the policy rule that is blocking the site after creating the report (Portal > Report Center > New Report > New Forensic Report > Run report > Edit report by clicking on custom > Add Criteria > Select Verdict > Select Is > Select policy_denied  > Run Report.


  1. In the report, highlight the verdict "policy_denied":


  1. Right click on the highlighted verdict and choose, "Actions", then "Find Usage in Policy":


  1. Click on "Go to this reference" link to see the associated block rule.


Web categories only

As you are reviewing reports, you might question the categorization and want to ask Symantec to review that rating and suggest an alternate category. Symantec cannot guarantee a rating switch but will perform an analysis.

How to request a review and re-rating for a domain or IP: SiteReview

If you request is rejected, you can add the site to the Web Security Service "always allow" (G3) or "always block" (G4) global rules.  Use the Content Filtering policy editor to exempt those domains or URLs.