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Logging into an SSL-V with local authentication when remote authentication is enabled


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SSL Visibility Appliance Software


Local authentication required while remote authentication is enabled.

Authorization error [27999207425]


Since remote authentication was introduced to the 4.x version of SSL-V OS, when remote authentication is enabled on the SSL-V, Local authentication will only be attempted if there is no reply from the remote authentication server.  If the server replies and rejects the authentication attempt, the SSL-V will not check local accounts.


Since both SSH and WebGUI access use remote authentication, it will only be possible to log in using these methods if the administrator is able to configure the server to accept credentials, or to block the response from the server.

The administrator will need to connect to the SSL-V using a console cable and run the command # remote-auth disable.  This command only disables the remote authentication configuration and does not remove it.  The administrator can then log in with a local account and modify the configuration from the GUI.