Manually install the Dagent on a client machine for GSS 3.x
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Manually install the Dagent on a client machine for GSS 3.x


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Ghost Solution Suite


Install a Dagent manually on a client machine you are having troubles pushing a agent install to from the GSS console.


  1. On the client machine, you would like to install an agent on open file explorer
  2. Manually navigate to the GSS server (you should be able to do this by name or IP).
    1. \\<server name or IP>\eXpress\Agents\AClient
  3. The Dagent installer for both 64 bit and 32 bit is usually located near the bottom of the folder.
    1. dagent.msi is the 32-bit installer
    2. dagent_x64.msi is the 64-bit installer
  4. Make sure the correct ‘IP Address’ is entered in the IP address box for your GSS server.
  5. The port should be Port 402 by default.
  6. Once installed the agent icon should appear in the system tray, unless you have selected for it to be hidden.
  7. The machine should appear in the GSS console. This can take several minutes depending on your layout and network speed/traffic.


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