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How to Locate Application Settings for Personality Capture Transfer (PCT )


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Deployment Solution Ghost Solution Suite


Add an application to their personality capture, with customized settings intact (ie security settings or bookmarks in a browser). 



PCT Template for Ghost Solution Suite (GSS) and Deployment Solution (DS)


Search (Google or software provider's site) for application-specific information regarding where the customized settings the user wishes to capture are stored (ie where on the machine that the app is installed on the settings are saved to). Symantec does not provide this information as it is customizable and will vary greatly from application to application. Please consult the pctransplantref.pdf which is located in the PCT folder in your environment.

This could include:

  • Bookmarks on a particular browser for that user
  • Security settings
  • Attributes
  • Various other customizable settings


pctransplantref.pdf get_app