System drive not seen/detected in automation
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System drive not seen/detected in automation


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Deployment Solution Ghost Solution Suite


System drive not detected in Automation environment (WinPE)

Ghost may throw an error similar to 'Error Number: 11030 Message: Invalid source drive' or 'Usage Error 11030: Invalid Destination Drive'.


ErrorMessage: ClientImageDeployException occured 'Child Process returned an error', return code 1, system error 'The system cannot find the file specified (0x00000002)', location 'Tcube_ClientImageDeploy.cpp1078'


WinPE 10


Most Dell, and some HP computers ship from the OEM manufacturer with RAID enabled in the storage controller. The needed RAID driver for the storage controller is likely not included in WinPE 10. Some RAID drivers are available with WinPE 11.


Either locate a matching storage controller driver and import into the preboot config (PXE, Automation Folder, USB Boot disk) or change the storage controller from RAID to AHCI in the BIOS before capturing/deploying the image.

If storage controller is changed from RAID to AHCI enabled for a capture image task/job, it will need to be changed back to RAID after the image is captured or the endpoint will not boot to Windows.

Any machine that the AHCI based image is deployed to will also need to be changed to AHCI before booting to automation.

Installing WinPE 11 (if supported) may also be a solution to this issue