Add a new DKIM key - Email Fraud Protection
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Add a new DKIM key - Email Fraud Protection


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You want to add a new DKIM key for your domain in the EFP portal.


Email Fraud Protection


How to add a new DKIM Key

DKIM keys can be configured in the Email Fraud Protection application. Keys used for email authentication by the DKIM mechanism should be updated periodically.

In the Email Fraud Protection portal, go to the Domains page and click the name of the desired domain to display the Configuration page. Scroll down to the DKIM Keys section and click the Add a DKIM Key button to display the Add a new DKIM key dialog.

The dialog has the following fields: 


The selector is a unique identifier used to retrieve the public key from DNS

Optional subdomain

The public key can be associated with one of the email domains of the registered domain. Your  email   vendor can tell you if this is required.

Associated service

If the DKIM key is to be used for email sent by a known Email Service Provider, select it from the list. Symantec strongly encourages associating keys with their respective services. 


If needed, add a comment here to explain the purpose and use of the DKIM key. 


Paste the DKIM public key into this field. 


Enter a CNAME value in this field. 

This is a newly created DKIM key

If selected, the system will track the age of the key so you can rotate it periodically. 

Only allow exact domain signing

If selected, this inserts t=s into the DNS record. It should only be used if the Email Service Provider requires it.