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Importing Endpoint Protection 14 policies into Endpoint Protection 15


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Endpoint Protection Endpoint Security


If a customer wishes to apply the same policies that they applied within Endpoint Protection 14 (on-premise) to groups and devices within Endpoint Protection 15 (cloud- managed)

Error: Only Symantec Endpoint Protection 15 policies can be applied to device groups under the Default device group


Endpoint Protection 14 policies must be exported from the product and imported into the cloud console in order to be applied within Endpoint Protection 15


Within the Endpoint Protection Manager on Endpoint Protection 14, navigate to the Policies tab to view policies. Right click on the policy that is to be exported and choose "Export...". From there, the policy can be exported as a local .dat file.

With the exported policy file, navigate to the Endpoint Protection 15 administration portal and select the Policies tab and click "Import Policy". Select the .dat file that was exported and it will import into the console. This imported policy will now be able to be applied to groups in the portal to manage their security settings.