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'Error committing Management Console changes so VPM policy installation abandoned' on ProxySG/ASG


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Advanced Secure Gateway Software - ASG ProxySG Software - SGOS


When trying to install policy in the Visual Policy Manager on the ProxySG or Advanced Secure Gateway (ASG), you receive the error message Error committing Management Console changes so VPM policy installation abandoned.

This error message can also be caused by Java, please troubleshoot this first by restarting the browser, clearing Java temporary files and ending any running Java processes. Also, try launching from a different computer.


The following behavior is observed:

  • The error message appears as soon as you click Install Policy
  • Does not go away, even temporarily, after resetting Java as described above
  • The issue can be reproduced on multiple workstations
  • You can access the VPM of other proxies from your workstation and install the policy successfully


Another instance of this error was also observed after upgrade to SGOS or SGOS 7.3.x. Following are the observation:

  • After upgrading the SGOS to version or SGOS 7.3.x policy installation using JAVA VPM fails with the error

  • Policy installation using web VPM/Management Center works fine 


There is a problem with the VPM-XML or VPM-CPL file which causes an issue with the VPM.

NOTE: You will still be able to install the policy from Configuration > Policy > Policy Files > Visual Policy Files

Sometimes this is caused by a Java issue.


This may be resolved by installing a back-up of the Visual Policy Files in Configuration > Policy > Policy Files > Visual Policy Files.

If you do not have a back-up, please contact technical support and they will assist with identifying the problem in the file.


Use following workaround/solution if the issue appeared after upgrade to or 7.3.x:

  • Use Web VPM/Management Center for policy installation
  • Upgrade the SGOS to or 7.3.9 (recommended)
  • Legacy Java VPM can be used by removing notify user object or changing the notify mode to "notify once for all hosts". You can find all the notify object by navigating to Java VPM -> View -> All Objects -> Select Notify User Objects under show. Edit all the notify objects' notify mode to "Notify once for all hosts"

Note: Please check the limitations of option "Notify once for all hosts" ( Refer Notify Object section :

Additional Information

Alternative solution is to End the "jp2launcher.exe" process (Java Web Launcher), and reopen the management console / VPM.