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HTTP Status 401 WARNING in ICT Logs


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Information Centric Tagging


ICT gets error while trying to classify docs. The spa logs state a 401 error. 

[DEBUG]   Thu May 09 00:06:55 2019 Thr  5400 | WindowsEventLoggingManager.cpp>WindowsEventLoggingManager::SendEvent(872): Sent event: TYPE = 0x0001; ID = 0xC0000106

[WARNING] Thu May 09 00:07:46 2019 Thr  5400 | CSoapWininetClientCS.h>csw::mls::CSoapWininetClientCS::SendRequest(169): HttpSendRequest status [0x0 | 0] [0x191 | 401]

[WARNING] Thu May 09 00:07:46 2019 Thr  5400 | CSoapWininetClientCS.h>csw::mls::CSoapWininetClientCS::SendRequest(196): HTTP status 401

[ERROR]   Thu May 09 00:07:46 2019 Thr  5400 | CcsSecConfWebServWrapper.cpp>csw::mls::CcsSecConfWebServWrapper::AddLogs(496): {0x80004005}> Error occurred while contacting WS Status Code: 401

[ERROR]   Thu May 09 00:07:46 2019 Thr  5400 | CWSLogManager.cpp>CWSLogManager::WSThreadFunction(589): Failed to send log to WS


This points to a communication problem between the ICT client and ICT server. 


Try the following:

  1. Make sure that client machine can connect to ICT server through IE without prompting for username/password.

  2. Make sure that on the ICT server that IIS Authentication is properly configured for webservice. (only Windows Authentication should be enabled)

  3. Get local ICT configuration files, check their dates and note It cannot be older than ICT server upgrade date. If so, delete local ICT configuration files manually and restart ICT service to await the new config.