Disabling clickable URL's in Messaging Gateway
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Disabling clickable URL's in Messaging Gateway


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Messaging Gateway


Enabling the new disable clickable URL's is not working as expected.


How the new "Disable clickable URLs in Message" works.

  • In versions of SMG 10.6.2 and later, a feature was added that allows a content filtering policy to disable clickable URL's in an email.
    • When a content filtering policy with the action of "Disable clickable URLs in Message" fires on an email, any http:// or https:// links are re-written with noclick_ prepended to the top level domain (TLD). For example (.com, .net. info, etc)
    • In the case of http://www.symantec.com, it would be re-written to http://www.symantec.noclick_com

(NOTE: This should occur in both the case of URL's that have an <a href=> and URL's that are plain text. In both cases, the URL is re-written to prevent clients such as Outlook from turning them into clickable URL's)