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How to migrate Protection Engine settings to another server running the same Protection Engine version


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Protection Engine for NAS Protection Engine for Cloud Services


You need to move your Symantec Protection Engine (SPE) settings from one server to another. Protection Engine is the same version on both servers.


Because of certain cryptographic information that is stored in some of the configuration xml files and because the cryptographic information is unique to each SPE install, the configuration files (.xml) should not be copied between installations. You should use the settings from the first scanner as a reference to manually configure the second scanner. The process would be similar to the following:

  1. If using the Java management console, take screenshots of your settings.
  2. Copy the first scanner's filtering.xml, configuration.xml, policy.xml, liveupdate.xml, and category3.xml (this will only exist if you manually created it for specific special changes). Do not replace the second scanner's xml files. You will use these xml files as references to configure the second scanner's settings.
  3. On the new server, if you are using the Java management console, use the screenshots from 1 and files from 2 as references to make the necessary configuration changes. If in core server only mode, make the configuration changes by using the xmlmodifier tool. See Chapter 12 of the Implementation Guide for information about using this tool and configuring SPE when in core server only mode.
  4. If you use the xmlmodifier tool, you need to restart the Symantec Protection Engine service.

We recommend creating a script using the xmlmodifier commands. This can then be used to quickly deploy settings on all necessary scanners.

Additional Information

Your Implementation Guide can be downloaded from the TechDocs document repository.