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Where do I find Endpoint Protection Mobile license information


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Endpoint Protection Mobile


Where do I find Symantec Endpoint Protection Mobile (SEP Mobile) license information?

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I bought SEP Mobile and I want to see how many license seats I have

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SEP Mobile


The SEP Mobile portal does not contain licensing information except for the license expiration date.

To check license expiration date:

  1. Sign into SEP Mobile portal
  2. Click the SETTINGS tab
  3. In the Environment Info page you should see "Environment Expiration:"

You can install SEP Mobile on the number of devices you have licenses for. If you over-deploy, Symantec routinely performs an audit, and a sales representative will contact you to arrange billing for the extra licenses added and any additionally you may need. 

To check how many devices you have deployed:

  1. Sign into SEP Mobile portal
  2. Click the USERS & DEVICES tab
  3. On this page you will see a tab labeled "Devices," with the number of enrolled devices in parenthesis