How to create a bootable DVD or USB drive from Deployment Solution 8.x?
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How to create a bootable DVD or USB drive from Deployment Solution 8.x?


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Deployment Solution


A Deployment Solution administrator needs to create a bootable DVD or USB drive.


Deployment Solution 8.x


The following steps assume WinPE files are already imported and bootable PXE/Automation folder images can be created - basically that prerequisites for PE creation are there.

  1. Boot Disk Creator can be started manually (path assumes default install location):
  2. In the wizard, select 'Create a new configuration' and click OK.
  3. Follow the wizard and select settings as needed:
    - Step 1: Add a name, WinPE/LinPE version, and OEM Extensions (DS for DS agent if needed).
    - Step 2: Add drivers, if needed.
    - Step 3: Network settings, DHCP is usually the preferred selection.
    - Step 4: Optional components, and defaults should generally be OK.
    - Step 5: Finish
  4. Wait for the PE creation to be completed, Create Boot Disk wizard should open at this point.
  5. Select 'Create a boot disk' and click Next.
  6. 'Boot Disk Media Type' page is fairly self-explainatory.
    - Select ISO or Disk for creating CD/DVD image or USB appropriately. Of course, ISO can be used for writing to USB drive manually later as well.
    - Boot Task Type would be best to set to 'Stand-alone boot' for DVD/USB
    - x86/x64 selection is at the bottom of the page.
  7. After all the settings are set to what you need, clicking Next will start the image creation (and formatting/writing to USB disk if so selected).

The PE configuration is saved to Configurations in the left pane. It can be selected there to add or modify files added to the image and generate an ISO (or write to the disk) the same PE later by selecting the configuration (first level under Configurations, with the name you used), right clicking on it and selecting 'Create Boot Disk'.