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Unable to license Web Isolation receiving error "No network access to licensing service"


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Web Isolation


We're attempting to license our Web Isolation (WI) appliance however when we try to perform the online registration it is failing due to network access being available. We have confirmed that the Web Isolation has access to the Internet yet we're not able to active our WI.

No network access to licensing service (host:



The WI will first contact "" during the registration process in the wizard this particular request will be made using the current browsing session. As this request is being made from the current browsing session and not by WI the user making the request will require access to "". If we fail to access this request due to proxy appliance or security appliance terminating the transaction we will not be able to activate WI and it will fail with the error above.


We can verify that we have sufficient browsing privileges to the domain by clicking here. The page should load without any errors and should display a single line of text containing numbers. If the page does not load correctly or displaying a block page then please proceed to the solution section.


As the WI will be making the outbound connection to "" using the administrators browser that particular user will require appropriate access to the fire glass web site. Please consult with the appropriate team to make the necessary arrangements to have access to the "" domain.