Messaging Gateway 10.7 stops processing email
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Messaging Gateway 10.7 stops processing email


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Messaging Gateway


Following the update to Messaging Gateway (SMG) 10.7, the system operates and processes email as expected for a few hours to a few days but suddenly stops accepting and delivering email.

Looking at the disk utilization via the command line monitor disk command shows that other_free is zero.

smgsc1> monitor disk                                                            
     disk:  data_used  data_free   opt_used   opt_free other_used other_free    
             10591536   39401756    1176052     749864    7704212          0    


The root file system has filled to 100% and new temp files can't be created.

A configuration error in SMG 10.7 is causing log data to be written to both the data filesystem and the root filesystem which, at information or debug log level can fill the root filesystem. This prevents SMG from accepting or delivering messages as temporary files needed for system operation can no longer be created.


Note: If the SMG system is set to log at INFORMATION or DEBUG in Administration > Logs, please set log levels to WARNING or NOTICE.

Once the root file system is 100% full, the issue will require assistance from Symantec Support to clear the extra log files from the system.

This issue will be addressed with the SMG 10.7.1 release