AD/LDAP Connector Prerequisites (IPA Integration)
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AD/LDAP Connector Prerequisites (IPA Integration)


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AD/LDAP Connector Prerequisites (IPA Integration)


Secure Access Cloud



Hardware Requirements:

  • Architecture: x86 or x86-64
  • CPU cores: min. 1, recommended 2
  • Storage: 500MB of free space on disk
  • Operating System: The connector can run on Windows or Linux. 
  • RAM: min. 2GB

Time Synchronization:

It is very important to have the Connector host server clock automatically synchronized with an NTP server. Otherwise, the connector will fail to start and report a clock skew error.


Outbound Connectivity:

The host server requires outbound network connectivity to the following services: 

Authentication Service:

The connector must be installed on a server with outbound connectivity to the Authentication service, as provided in the provisioning ticket, using port 443.

- It's not recommended installing the connector behind a proxy.


The Connector must be installed on a server with access to the LDAP server on port 389 for LDAP or 636 for LDAPS. Before installing the Connector you should know the LDAP Connection String and the Base DN required to connect to your LDAP directory.

 Service Account

The Connector will be run using a service account that must be a domain user that at a minimum has read access to the directory. You will need the username/password of this account when performing the install.