Application Fails to Launch - Broken Link - FAQ
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Application Fails to Launch - Broken Link - FAQ


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Secure Access Cloud


Application Fails to Launch - Broken Link - FAQ


During the initial phases of deployment, we sometimes encounter issues with applications referencing local paths and IP addresses. Accessing local resources is prevented by Luminate Secure Access Cloud ™ and the request is blocked. If the application doesn’t provide internal configuration to change the references, Luminate Secure Access Cloud ™ can work around it by removing the internal reference and replacing it with a secure external reference to the application current working location.


This process is very delicate and requires a session with a Support Engineer. An initial session is required to gather the information for analysis. During this session, the Support Engineer will ask you to enable inspection tools on your browser and browse twice to your application. Once through the Luminate Secure Access Cloud ™ and once directly. Each attempt can be saved as a textual HAR dump which will be analyzed by our engineers. Once our engineers finished their analysis the support team will put a Link Translation rule in place and you’ll be asked to verify the application is now working.


Gathering initial information (HAR files) before opening a Support issue:

While using an application through the Luminate Secure Access Cloud™, I encounter a bad request in the browser. Something fails, and I am able to see in the URL that the previous (Internal) application name or IP are referenced. What do I do?


  • Write the reproduction scenario – What were the steps you took to reach the error page. Neglect nothing, start with logging in and attach a screenshot of the presented error page.
  • Attach a copy of the failed URL.
  • Provide HAR dumps of failed \ successful attempts.


Providing a HAR dump:

Using a Chrome browser, right-click the page you are trying to access and select Inspect.

This will divide your screen, displaying the developer tools on the lower part.

Select the Network tab and click Clear.

Select the "Preserve log" option. 


Now, refresh the page and reproduce the issue.


Once done, right click any of generated lines and select “Save as HAR with content”.

Rename the file and add “direct_access” or “portal_access” to the name accordingly.

Send the information to Luminate Support and we’ll get it solved.


Please note - The HAR file may contain sensative information, please be sure to edit the file and remove any passowrd from it before sending it. 



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