Debugging IDP Failure Reason - Unexpected error
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Debugging IDP Failure Reason - Unexpected error


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Secure Access Cloud


Debugging IDP Failure Reason - Unexpected error


The Secure Access Cloud's UI is undergoing a renewal process, capabilities are being developed and released gradually unveiling new capabilities in some sections and leaving other section with limited functionalities. 

The IDP configuration flow is one of the sections that currently provides partial capabilities that may cause trouble debugging failures. For the interim, until the new UI is completed, please see a procedure that will assist you in investigating why did the IDP integration fail. 

The current user experience consists of an uninformative red pop up. Getting a meaningful response regarding the failure reason will require a couple more steps. 



1) Open Developer tools on the IDP creation page: 
Using a Chrome browser, right-click anywhere in the frame, and select Inspect.
This will divide your screen, displaying the developer tools on the lower part.
Select the Network tab and click Clear.
Next, select the Preserve Log option.

Now you are ready to capture the HAR file. Click Save & Continue. 

The error message is displayed below. Selecting the failed action will display the failure reason: 

The failure reason will be displayed in the Preview section. 

Most IDP integration errors are related to callback URLs or insufficient privileges you can verify both using the following KB