Organizations the use Okta Federated Identity for managing corporate identities can leverage this infrastructure for authenticating into Luminate. Both end-user and administrator identities can be used to provide Role Based Access Control to various corporate resources and services.

When authenticating via Okta, Luminate leverages the Federated Identity Provider capabilities, redirecting the user to authenticate with Okta, while keeping the user's identity for SSO to corporate applications that support Okta.

Schematically, the work with Okta looks like the below:


For organizations that are using Microsoft Active Directory, Okta offers a Federated Identity solution with option for pass-though authentication, using Okta Active Directory Agent. In this case, the overall system would look like the following:



Luminate is a part of the OKTA Application Network (OAN), adding the application to your OKTA tenant is as easy as: 

Using an administrator account, select Create New APP and look for the Luminate application. 

Clicking add will trigger a detailed wizard explaining the needed steps for a successful integration.