Luminate Secure Access Cloud (TM) can be integrated to send notifications on security and application/resource health issues to specific Microsoft Teams channels. 

In order to configure the integration please follow the steps below: 

1. Login to your Microsoft Teams applications and create a webhook for a channel. 

a. To create a webhook click on the 3 dots next to the channel name to open the menu: 

b. In the menu select the “Connectors” option. 

c. Click on the “Configure” button next to the “Incoming Webhook” connector: 

d. Type in a name for the webhook connector and click on the “Create” button 

e. Once the webhook has been created the webhook URL will be displayed. Copy the URL and click on “Done”.

2. Now we have an incoming webhook configured in Microsoft Teams. The next step is to configure the webhook URL in Luminate to send the notifications to.  

a. Login to the Luminate admin portal (https://admin.<Your_Organization_Tenant>

b. Navigate to the “Settings” page by clicking on the settings icon in the navigation bar.

c. In the settings left menu selection “Notifications and Action” 

d. Enable the Webhook notifications in the “Health Issues” section to receive health notifications via Webhook to Microsoft Teams, or enable the Webhook notifications in the “Security Alerts” section to receive security alert notifications to Microsoft Teams 

e. Once enabled click on the “Edit” link to add a Webhook notification URL.

f. In the “Edit Webhook URLs” modal click on the “Add Webhook URL” button and paste the URL copied from the MS Teams in steps 1.e

g. Once entered click on “Save” 

You have now successfully completed the integration and all Luminate health notifications and/or security notifications (based on your settings in “Notifications and Actions” settings section) will be sent to Microsoft Teams as follows: