Luminate Secure Access Cloud (TM) allows accessing FreeBSD Servers running an OpenSSH Daemon, as described in this article. Please make sure, that, when using the automatic SSH Key deployment script on the machine, it is done from Bourne Again Shell (bash) and not from a default C-Shell (csh).

All the connectivity capabilities are supported for FreeBSD servers exactly the same way as they are for Linux servers.

Regarding the ability to run a Luminate Connector on FreeBSD servers, since Luminate Connector is distributed as a Docker Container, and Docker Engine is not officially supported on FreeBSD (porting attempt was abandoned with a relatively early and non-officially-supported version of Docker), it is not recommended to run Luminate Connectors on FreeBSD.

It is technically possible to do so, by running a docker-machine package and running Linux Virtual Machine inside a VirtualBox environment running on FreeBSD. The stability and performance of such a deployment would be unpredictable, and, therefore it is recommended to avoid such deployment in production environments.