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Settings in the Web Security Service portal that causes Unified Agent to reconnect


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Web Security Service - WSS


You want to change a setting related to Unified Agent (UA) in the Web Security Service (WSS) portal. You would like to know when those settings will be applied to the UA clients and if they will cause an interruption in connectivity.


Web Security Service


The following list shows whether or not UA will immediately reconnect upon changing the setting.

  • General Settings
    • Forces immediate reconnect
      • Fail behavior (allow or block traffic)
      • Forwarding ports
    • No reconnect
      • Block IPv6 traffic
      • Allow Google QUIC
      • Disable tamper protection
      • Ignore proxy settings
      • Username format
  • End User Permissions
    • Forces immediate reconnect
      • Prompt end user for update
      • Allow access to "Proxy Settings" in agent
      • Allow agent to be disabled by end user
      • Require token to uninstall agent (Also changing the token)
  • Authentication
    • Forces immediate reconnect
      • Enable Captive Portal for Unified Agents

For settings that do not force an immediate reconnect, the UA clients will query the portal for setting changes upon the next normal reconnection.