Suggested Deployment Plan
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Suggested Deployment Plan


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Secure Access Cloud


Suggested Deployment Plan


Please see below a general deployment draft outlining the path to a successful deployment based on our experience.



You were provided with a production tenant and a local admin account.

Steps towards a full deployment:

Attached are Excels with the needed basic information per application type.

  1. Integrate your corporate IDP with Luminate
    1. Prerequisite: Locate the appropriate KB per integration type ( OKTA, AAD, Onelogin, Google, LDAP)
  2. Designate IdP users \ groups as Luminate admins and a create a recovery admin
    1. Prerequisite: Successful IDP integration
    2. Instructions KB.
  3. Optional: AWS integration
    1. Instructions KB.
    2. AWS Admin with permission to create IAM roles and policies
    3. The region
    4. Planned deployment type: Transit VPC or VPC per site
  4. Map resources according to the scenario:
    1. Web applications
    2. RDP
    3. SSH Access
    4. SSH GW
    5. Native Apps (TCP tunnel)
  5. Site Creation - Connector Deployment
    1. Instructions KB
    2. Two hosts per site (connectivity region)
    3. Verify all resources are located in data centers that can be reached from the site, KB   

    Create additional sites as needed in order to provide access to corporate resources. 

  6. Application Rollout:
    1. Create an application per type according to the gathered information:
      1. WEB application creation KB
      2. RDP application creation KB
      3. SSH application creation KB
      4. SSH GW application creation KB
      5. Tunnel application creation KB
    2. Application testing – Try out the main scenarios in the created applications
  7. Optional: OPSWAT integration:
    1. Prerequisite: Active OPSWAT Tenant
    2. Prerequisite:  Luminate OPSWAT integration. Instructions KB.


Web.xlsx get_app
Tunnel.xlsx get_app
SSHGW.xlsx get_app
SSH.xlsx get_app
RDP.xlsx get_app