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All users (including Symantec Admins) are unable to add new rules to a target when using the target builder from within a policy


Article ID: 174869


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IT Management Suite


When adding rules to a target, saving, and then editing the target, the rules added are not present, and the count does not reflect as expected. If you try to add a new rule to a target used in a policy, it is not added. Even when creating a new target in the policy, it doesn't add the newly added rule.

The customer can create a target in Manage > Computers, then use in a Managed SW Delivery policy, and the rules are present.


Known Issue


ITMS 8.5 RU2


This fix is included in the lastest cumulative rollup for 8.5 RU2. You can find it here: INFO5407


You can use the target builder from within Activity Center under Manage > Computers. This works fine and you are able to modify existing targets and create new ones using this interface.