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Not getting task execution results back to the SMP. “...\Program Files\Altiris\TaskManagement\Events” has thousands of files


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IT Management Suite Task Server


The customer is not getting task execution results back to the SMP (Symantec Management Platform).
The customer is not able to validate if the task ran or not in their machines, it is taking days for the information to be updated in the SMP Console. It is also impacting the software being delivered by their software portal. As the SMP is not “receiving” the feedback that the task ran, it is sending the software installation again to the machine.


We found that on the SMP under “...\Program Files\Altiris\TaskManagement\Events”, there were thousands of files (around 200K) that were not processed or taking too long to process.

This is a known issue caused by SQL procedures for bulk insert/update of task events, "CtsBulkUpdateClientTaskStatus" and "CtsBulkInsertClientTaskStarted", that needed optimization.


ITMS 8.1 RU6 or earlier


This issue has been resolved with our ITMS 8.1 RU7 and later. The "CtsBulkUpdateClientTaskStatus" and "CtsBulkInsertClientTaskStarted" stored procedures were optimized to avoid conflicts while doing large inserts/updates for Tasks Execution events.

If for some reason you can't upgrade to ITMS 8.1 RU7 or later, here are the updated stored procedures attached to this article that you can try. Make sure you have a backup of the original stored procedures in case you need to roll back the changes.


CtsBulkUpdateClientTaskStatus_Updated.sql get_app
CtsBulkInsertClientTaskStarted_Updated.sql get_app