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Messaging Gateway does not upgrade to 10.7 when FIPS mode is enabled


Article ID: 174864


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Messaging Gateway


If FIPS mode for Messaging Gateway (SMG) has been at some point enabled and disabled, an update to SMG 10.7.0 may fail to properly complete installation of kernel boot files resulting in an unusable system following reboot.


Enabling FIPS mode creates a second set of boot configuration files and may result in insufficient space on the /boot filesystem to install the SMG 10.7.0 kernel boot files.


A failure in the installation process will leave the SMG system in an unusable state. The system will need to be osrestored via ISO or the virtual machine rolled back to the snapshot taken prior to the update attempt.

This issue is addressed with the SMG 10.7.1 release which removes the extraneous boot configuration files prior to installing the new kernel image.